The Best Gimbal For The Nikon D3500!

Whether you are an aspiring blogger, a professional filmmaker or amateur artist in YouTube, you do realize that contents are the key to your fan base and they keep looking for it with prying eyes. However, producing video content is more than that you do or say. It is everything one looks for to put together.

Amateur videographers take some years to produce professional videos. Fortunately, the waiting period is over as there are some best mirrorless and DSLR camera gimbal stabilizers such as Moza Air 2 that meets the needs for Nikon D3500, and many more.

About Moza Air 2
Moza Air 2 is a new firmware that is handheld gimbal stabilizer. Gimbal Moza Air 2 features two-axis that automatically corrects the angle of your camera as it pitches forwards or backward. The most advantage of Moza Air 2 is that it corrects the roll.

The Moza Air 2 offers added support and is released ago two weeks offering support for the cameras of Nikon D850/Z7/Z6. There is focus support offered as an added electronic accessory.

The Moza Air 2 offers single grip and is an ideal companion offering compatibility, versatility, and reliability up to 9lbs capacity payload with a strong battery time of 16-hours, intelligent operations, 8 Follow Modes, Smart time-lapse, compact design, and ecosystem of Moza including iFocus.

Features of Moza Air 2
Maximum payload of 4.2 kg
Powerful torque motors
Upgraded smart-time lapse
Replaceable 4 Li-on high-rate batteries
Custom parameters & OLED display
Good camera support
Suitable for Sony alpha series, Canon DSLRs, Panasonic GH5 and GH5S
8 follow modes and 4-Axis

Added value

MOZA Air 2 adds value to your shots by offering smooth footage as the potential of capturing video. The MOZA Air 2 presents a combo to make it the right choice with Nikon D3 500 for an awesome wedding or event package.

MOZA Air 2 offers the advantage of being available at affordable prices. It is also a good choice for travel videos as a portable solution offering a polished look. The tilt, pan features in this gimbal MOZA Air 2 they require accuracy and smoothness of dollies and studio rigs of high-end.

Compatible accessories

Fortunately, the micro-Type- C adapter and Type- C interface cable helps the Nikon users to enjoy with MOZA Air 2 gimbal as it starts and stops the recording using the gimbal. The other features in this gimbal are available with the firmware updates.

It is compatible with the professional accessories with the MOZA ecosystem and they include:
Camera cage
Follow focus system
Camera backpack
MoZA thumb controller

Mounting the MOZA Air 2 is enough to set you to go and create films from unimaginable angles, create sweeping shots, and track tough subjects. The articulating arm of MOZA Air 2 is a convenient attachment.

Surprises are bestowed by MOZA Air 2 and it is for people ready to explore stellar performance using Nikon D3 500. The smooth visual composition is assured and the video shooting features of the camera make an ideal combination offering a professional-grade trip.

Wrapping Up
The most challenging aspects of filming lie in holding the camera steady especially while moving. This is a great feel and it is fulfilled now by Moza Air 2 gimbal assuring capturing an unimaginable picture without any shaky effects.

Is The If It Fits Your Macros Diet Worth It?

Today we will be taking a look at a diet that is steadily increasing in popularity as more and more people hear about it, the If It Fits Your Macros diet or “IFITYM”. The idea behind the diet is that you are able to eat any food that you wish provided that the total calorie count and macronutrient breakdown fits within your plan.

For example, you can get your carbs from something that is considered healthy like a sweet potato or from something considered unhealthy like cereal. IFITYM is one of the diets that definatley has people split down the middle on if it is worth it or not though as if you fill your calories with nothing but junk food then you can have problems.

For example, junk food is usually smaller in volume and can often lead to hunger pains if it is all you eat. In addition to this, it is also often low in vitamins and minerals leading to a deficiency or the need to supplement with a decent multivitamin.

Mediterranean Diet
On the flipside of this though, the diet does have a number of die-hard people who live by it but we would like to point out that this is often down to lifestyle. For example, the IFITYM diet is popular with powerlifters who train a whole bunch but don’t really care about looks and will often look over weight even if they eat healthy. This is due to the sheer number of calories that they eat to increase their strength to such high levels.

Due to this, many powerlifters choose to use the IFITYM diet as it allows them to eat more enjoyable foods while still getting all of the macro requirements for their sport of choice. In addition to this, due to a powerlifter often eating so much anyway, they will rarely get hunger pains either and chances are, they would be supplementing with a multivitamin anyway.

So this pretty much rounds off our short article on the IFITYM and at the end of the day it comes down to you, your lifestyle, and your own personal goals. If you are wanting something for weight loss then we would recommend that you check out the ketogenic diet as it has an excellent track record and a great reputation.

Why Has Nandos Taken The United Kingdom By Storm?



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If you are from the United Kingdom or follow any YouTube or social media personalities from the United Kingdom online then you will probably hear of Nandos, or more specifically “a cheeky Nandos”. It started its exponential growth rate around a decade back now and has only gone from strength to strength over the years and really shows no signs of slowing down.

In this article, we just want to quickly take a look at the main reasons that we feel Nandos have managed to be so popular.

The most important part of running any successful restaurant is to have the absolute best food possible. Thankfully, Nandos has some of the best food going on the market right now but on the flip side of this, you do pay a premium price for it. The majority of people who do enjoy going to Nandos though enjoy the food so much that they are definatley willing to pay the premium price though.

Another thing that Nandos have managed to smash out the park with their food are their spices. You can customize your food to get it just to your taste while also allowing you to tweak the overall flavor as you please. The spices start with their Lemon and Herb sauce and go all the way up to their new Vusa that is extremely hot.



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Another thing that Nandos managed to capitalize on very early on is their social media campaigns. They have done an excellent job of building their accounts up to have massive followings and then used this to promote their food as well as all of the new meals that they add to their menu.

As you would expect from any popular restaurant chain, Nandos has its Nandinos menu that is specifically designed for children. This allows parents to take their children to Nandos and get the whole family involved. As these children grow up, it is highly likely that they will be life long customers of the Nandos franchise earning Nandos a ton of money in the long run.

There is also the whole cultural banter thing of “a cheeky Nandos“. This has become a commonly known part of British culture between the 18-35-year-old demographic with groups of people asking if they want to head off for “a cheeky Nandos”. Although we don’t know if this was created by Nandos themselves, it definatley hasn’t harmed their brand.



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The final thing that we feel that Nandos has done really well is the Nandos Black Card. This has let Nandos give this card out to various celebrities to get them eating in Nandos on a regular basis as well as allowing them to take up to five friends all to eat free.

This has their regular customers brushing shoulders with some very highly rated celebrities with some popular rappers even going on to brag about how they have a Nandos black card in their songs.

A Short And Sweet Akaso V50 Review!

There are an absolute ton of Akaso V50 reviews online now like the one embedded above from YouTube and this one so we thought that we would publish our own to try and help Akaso keep their exponential growth rate up! If you have been involved in the action cam scene for the last few years then chances are that you have heard of the Akaso action cam brand.

They came to market a few years back now with one simple goal in mind…..produce the absolute best action camera possible with the lowest possible price tag. Thankfully, with a little bit of luck, every single generation of action cam that Akaso has released has dominated the entry-level action cam niche with their new flagship, the V50 rivaling the performance of action cameras well above its price tag.



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If you have ever used an Akaso action camera or seen any example footage recorded on one then their signature thing is outstanding image stabilization built right into the camera body without having to hike the price up. Each subsequent generation of action cam after the EK7000 has developed on their excellent image stabilization technology and their latest version in the V50 rivals that of the latest GoPros while the V50 is a fraction of their price.

With their Akaso V50 though, they have became well known for another unheard of feat in the entry-level action camera niche. Becoming the first brand to be able to provide a cheap camera with full 4K video performance with a sixty frames per second frame rate. Although the Akaso reputation within the action sport community has been growing year on year, we feel that this alone is one of the main reasons the V50 has a massive user base of people.

It lets you record your action sports in the best possible quality in a frame rate that is also nice and smooth and won’t be causing you issues with jumping footage if you are moving at a quick pace. That said, if you are doing something very fast paced like sky diving then you may want to switch the video mode over to the 1080P at 120 frames per second for best performance.


We also want to go over the photography capabilities of the V50 as it is a great little point and shoot camera too. The sensor in the camera body is rated as 20MP and it has excellent color capture too. In addition to this, it also has some of the best low light performance of any entry-level action cam that we have ever seen.

The adjustable wide-angle views on the camera are also excellent as if you are a snowboarder for example and you are up a mountain looking down an excellent view, you can capture it in excellent quality. If the standard field of view is not enough for you then you can quickly and easily switch to a wider field of view to do a better job.

We feel that the Akaso V50 has a bright future ahead of it and are looking forward to seeing what Akaso pull out of the bag for their next generation of cameras! All in all, the V50 is definatley worth picking up and adding to your collection of camera accessories for your extreme sport of choice.

Our Captain Marvel Movie Review!

Captain Marvel (2019)_s2
After all the hype about the recent Captian Marvel movie, we thought that we would check it out and share our opinion of it with our readers. Although we were optimistic and hoping that the majority of the critics were wrong, we feel that they were actually correct and that Marvel missed so much of the potential for this movie and in all honesty, we would not recommend it.

Although it does have a hand full of funny and/or exciting parts, the majority of the movie is essentially boring and slow paced. We feel that Brie Larson did not perform well in the movie at all and feel that someone such as Katee Sackhoff would have been a much better fit for the role.

She has the whole solo female hero vibe perfected after her amazing performance as Starbuck on the Battlestar Galactica remake series and feel she would have been an amazing Captian Marvel.

As you would expect from a Marvel movie, the CGI scenes were amazing and definatley up to expectations. Samual L Jackson also offered an excellent performance as a young Nick Fury too with some cracking jokes and was the main source of humor for the whole movie.

We feel that young children and die hard Marvel fans will enjoy the movie but for the mid to late teens and onwards crowd, we feel you will end up getting bored half way through the movie. So lets just hope that Avengers Endgame smashes it out the park to help Marvel redeem themselves.

We have decided to share the independent movie review of the film below from a professional movie reviewer as we feel that their perspective may help many of our readers who are considering checking this movie out.

My White Chocolate Twix Review!

Over the last few month, a number of popular chocolate bars have been re-released with a white chocolate twist. Today we are going to be going over our review of the White Chocolate Twix that has been available for about three months now and is by far our favorite chocolate bar at the minute.

As you would expect from a Twix, the treat is a biscuit layer with a toffee layer on top of it all wrapping in a delicious chocolate coating. The white chocolate Twix is also the exact same price as a regular Twix where some limited edition treats can actually retail at a higher price point.

Mmm... White Chocolate

Although you can eat this chocolate bar as you would with any other, there is a little trick you can do with a Twix to take them that extra step. It is without a doubt our favorite way to eat a Twix so we thought that we would share it with our readers.

Simply make a cup of your favorite hot drink be it Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Then bite the end of each end of your Twix and essentially use it as a straw. You dip one end into your hot drink and suck through the other end until your drink reaches your mouth and you know it has made its way through the whole Twix.

As the hot drink is now soaked through your Twix stick it will soften the biscuit layer and start to melt the chocolate and toffee layers together. Although we have no idea why this happens, we feel that it makes the Twix taste better and only takes a couple of seconds to do. The video below gives an actual demonstration of how best to do this for those who may not understand what we mean.

All in all, we are massive fans of the White Chocolate Twix and really do hope that the Mars company add it to their permanent line up rather than just have it as a limited edition chocolate bar!

Should Your Crypto Portfolio Have Cardano In It?

Cardano is one of the few Cryptocurrency projects still around that is yet to deliver the vast majority of what it plans to while still holding a massive number of speculative investors in its blockchain project. Although Cardano is aiming to do a whole bunch of things, if they do manage to reach their goal then it will be a revolutionary project.

The project is run by Charles Hoskinson who was one of the original team behind Ethereum back in the day. Although the details are not public, Charles and other senior team members such as Vitalik had a disagreement that ended up leading Charles to go his own way and start the Cardano project.

Ironically, with Ethereums lack of development over the last two years and Cardano being hard at work, the projects are now at similar levels in terms of technology. With Cardarno successfully rolling out their Shelley release last month, you could argue that on a technological level, Cardano is now actually ahead of Ethereum.

One the flipside of this, Ethereum have the largest development community of any blockchain project right now while also currently having the most amount of dApps running on their platform. That said, platforms like EOS and Tron are catching up in the number of dApps running on Ethereum as well as a number of Ethereums dApps having confirmed that they will be leaving the Ethereum chain and moving over the Binance Coin chain soon.

As you may have noticed, we have not made any mention of dApps on the Cardano blockchain as to date, it has nothing of note running on it. This essentially means that it is one of the most technologically advanced platforms out there while having little to zero use cases.

On the flipside of this though, Cardano may end up taking a route similar to VeChain and Icon where they focus on having a small number of dApps that are used by the largest companies in their second using them.

However, all this remains to be seen as the coming years go by but at the time of writing, we do not hold any Cardano at all in our portfolio as we feel that projects like VeChain, XRP, Bitcoin, and Binance Coin have the technology, use cases, media coverage. and partnerships to provide better percentage gains over Cardano.

We will be keeping an eye on any Cardano related announcements over the coming years though and may perhaps add some to our portfolio when they start to confirm their partnerships.

The Best Budget Friendly Lens For Portraits For A Sony A6000 Camera!

Today, we are going to be taking a look at what we feel is definatley the best budget-friendly lens for portraits for a Sony a6000 camera user currently available on the market right now. Now to be clear, we will be focusing on “budget friendly” lenses rather than “entry level” lenses. In our opinion budget, friendly lenses are cheap while still offering excellent performance whereas entry-level lenses are dirt cheap and often offer very poor performance.

All that said, we feel that the lens you should be looking at if you want to capture superior portrait photographs without breaking the bank is the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art lens. It ticks every single requirement for a portrait lens while also having earned itself one of the absolute best reputations for a portrait lens on the market right now.

Although many other websites out there will publish articles covering a number of portrait lenses suitable for Sony a6000 cameras, we feel that simply focusing on one high-quality lens is a better way to advise our readers.

As you can probably guess from the name of the lens, the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art is a prime lens that is based around the 60mm focal length. Although 60mm is close to the upper advised limit of around 85mm for portraits, we feel that it is close enough to the middle of the road focal length of 50mm to be used as a sort of jack of all trades portrait lens that is versatile and usable in all situations.

In addition to this, the lens is one of the cheapest products available in the world-renowned Sigma Art range that provide you with some of the absolute sharpest image quality available on the market, especially at this price tag.

Being a Sigma lens, you can rest assured that it comes with the high-quality build standards that Sigma lenses are well known for. In addition to this, the design of the lens is outstanding too keeping everything as simple and easy to use as possible.

Speaking of build quality, although the lens has been put together exceptionally well, Sigma has had to cut costs somewhere to keep the price tag as low as it is. To do this, they have had to use heavier materials for the construction of the lens body so the lens is a little heavy but we would prefer sacrifices to be made with the weight of the lens rather than its actual build quality or level of performance.

I guess that in addition to its weight, you could also argue that Sigma have also cut costs by giving the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art an f/2.8 aperture rather than the more commonly used f/1.8 aperture that is used on the higher price point portrait lenses. That said, the f/2.8 still gets the job done exceptionally well while also offering you solid performance when capturing portraits of your clients in low light conditions.

In my opinion, a lens having solid low light performance is essential as less and less portrait photography is being captured in a traditional, well-lit photography studio these days. On top of this, some even gigs can be in locations where low light is inevitable so ensuring that your lens will cope well in those conditions is essential in our opinion.

Another essential element for a portrait lens to have is excellent bokeh potential as manipulating the bokeh on your portrait photographs is a quick and easy way to help improve your image quality. Blurring out the distractions in the background of the image forces the eye to your subject and in my opinion, at least, makes it look better.

Thankfully, the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art allows you to quickly and easily manipulate the levels of bokeh in your photographs. This further increases the versatility of the lens and remember that some clients may specifically request the photographs you capture to have high levels of bokeh so picking a lens up that can offer it natively will reduce the hours you have to put in during post-production.

The Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art also comes with a Sony E-mount connector allowing you to mount it directly to your Sony A6000 camera body without having to pick up a lens converter. This can be one of the main problems with the budget-friendly lens ranges, a lens may look excellent and you decide to purchase it only to later realize that you have to then purchase a lens converter to actually mount it on your camera body. Thankfully, this is not the case with the Sigma 60mm and it will fit directly to your camera.

That last point that we would like to make is that although the front lens element on the lens is made from high-quality glass that is robust and should stand up to any wear and tear during use, we would always recommend that you mount a UV filter to it too.

This further increases the level of protection for the front lens element of the lens without adding too much additional cost. The Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art comes with metal filter threads too, not the molded plastic variant many budget lenses use so mounting and unmounting your filters should not cause cross threading and thus damage your lens.

That brings our article on what we feel is the best budget lens for portrait photography with a Sony a6000 to an end. We have no doubt that adding this lens to your collection of camera accessories will help improve your portrait photography image quality while also keeping costs down.

If you would like to find out more about the Sigma 60mm F2.8 EX DN Art then the YouTube video below goes into more detail of the lens and why it is such a solid option to take.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Gimbal for Canon 80D Cameras!

A gimbal is not like any other Camera Stabilizer. There are various questions that should be answered. If you don’t have experience with a gimbal, the following answer will help you when choosing the best gimbal for Canon 80D.

What type of a gimbal to buy?

There are two types of gimbals and stabilizers. These are the electronic gimbals and other stabilizers. The electronic gimbals use motors to rotate your Canon 80d smoothly in any direction. They are easy to set up but use more power, and the motors wear out quickly. The light and can be used for long periods.

The other stabilizers take longer to set up, and they don’t have motors. They are relatively cheap when compared to electronic gimbals. As the electronic gimbal prices go down, these stabilizers are getting less popular. They are heavy and cannot be used for long periods.

Two or three-axis gimbal?

The axis gimbal is the number of directions that the gimbal will move. The 3-axis gimbals can move in all directions, that is tilt, pan, and roll. You can control manually the direction in which the gimbal moves. The gimbal will stabilize and make your footage better. The extra motors will reduce battery life and add more weight to your gimbal.

2-axis gimbal is light and relatively cheap as compared to the 3-axis gimbal. They only stabilize on the roll and pitch axis.


How much does a gimbal weigh?

If you are planning to shoot for a long time, choose a light gimbal. Heavy gimbals will make your arms tired after a short period.

When buying a gimbal, ensure that the gimbal has a maximum load capacity which is close to the weight of your canon camera. It should support the camera comfortably as you shoot.

How can the camera be attached to the gimbal?

The gimbals are designed for cameras or smartphones; it can be hard to attach a camera on a gimbal that is designed for a phone. For better compatibility, choose a gimbal that is ideal for your Canon 80D.

After attaching the camera, you can test to know if it well attached. If you fix it wrongly, it will not balance and more battery than a well-fixed gimbal. This is because the gimbals will do a lot of work balancing your canon camera. 

What is the best quality?

Some gimbals are made of ABS plastic. These types of gimbals may get damaged after some time or when it is not handled carefully. Other gimbals are made of aircraft-grade aluminum or nylon-reinforced plastic. They stronger than those made of ABS plastic and will last longer.

DJI Ronin-S 3-axis stabilizer

When looking for a quality gimbal, consider its battery life. It is important if you are planning to shoot for a long period.  Quality gimbals have long battery life. If you can get a gimbal that you can remove the batteries, then it will be more useful. You can easily swap the batteries when one set is used up. Remember that gimbals have different battery usage.

Our Try At A Feiyutech A1000 Review – A Great Little Budget Friendly Gimbal!

Although we may not be the best at reviewing products, we have decided that we are going to take the time to put a little bit more effort in and work towards improving our reviewing skills. That said, today we will be trying our hand at a dedicated Feiyutech A1000 review as we feel that this is a great little gimbal system that is not getting the coverage that it deserves.

Thankfully, this particular gimbal doesn’t cost too much money and can actually end up being almost a third of the cost of some of the higher end gimbal systems on the market right now. That said though, in our opinion at least, the Feiyutech A1000 actually delivers much more than just a third of their performance. Thankfully, you don’t have to know the ins and outs of how a gimbal system actually works to be able to appreciate what Feiyutech A1000 have managed to achieve.

Feiyutech A2000 + Fujifilm X-H1 + X-T2
One of the main upgrades that Feiyutech have worked hard on for their A1000 gimbal is the internal motors. Their older design has been dropped as they tended to be noisy, battery hogging, and slightly slow to stabilize rapid corrections. Their new mark 3 motors are great bits of kit that do their job very well indeed and are very quiet while providing your image stabilization for your camera rig too.

The automatic adjustment system programmed into the gimbal also ensures that they are quick at correcting any rapid vector changes in your gimbals position. They are able to seemlesley correct changes in bearing and azimuth too ensuring you some of the most stable video footage available at this price point.

We would also like to point out that the newer motors on the gimbals are less prone to overheating too. This allows you to use your gimbal system for much longer periods continuously without it overheating and shutting down or needing a break.

Feiyutech A2000 + Fujifilm X-H1
The upgraded motor system also allows the A1000 to almost double the payload capacity that it can support when compared to the older Feiyutech gimbals. The A1000 is able to support up to 3.75 pounds of total weight meaning your camera body as well as any accessories you use like a lens or microphone.

This is an excellent payload for the size, weight, and price of the A1000 and allows you to use it with almost all entry-level and mid-range DSLR and mirrorless cameras. This included the majority of the popular lenses used with these cameras for videography too.

FeiyuTech Handheld Gimbal
The actual design of the A1000 has also been totally overhauled too. This ensures seamless movement about the 3-axis joint for your camera and lens combination. Some of the older entry level gimbals could end up having the lens knock into the gimbal frame when rotating so it’s definatley nice to know this is no longer an issue even when using the longer lenses.

Adding the Feiyutech A1000 review to your camera accessories will definatley provide some much-needed image stabilization to the kit of many of the amateur and entry-level videographers and YouTube vloggers out there. It is cheap, easy to use, and provides an excellent amount of performance compaired to what its competition can give you.