The Best Gimbal For The Nikon D3500!

Whether you are an aspiring blogger, a professional filmmaker or amateur artist in YouTube, you do realize that contents are the key to your fan base and they keep looking for it with prying eyes. However, producing video content is more than that you do or say. It is everything one looks for to put together.

Amateur videographers take some years to produce professional videos. Fortunately, the waiting period is over as there are some best mirrorless and DSLR camera gimbal stabilizers such as Moza Air 2 that meets the needs for Nikon D3500, and many more.

About Moza Air 2
Moza Air 2 is a new firmware that is handheld gimbal stabilizer. Gimbal Moza Air 2 features two-axis that automatically corrects the angle of your camera as it pitches forwards or backward. The most advantage of Moza Air 2 is that it corrects the roll.

The Moza Air 2 offers added support and is released ago two weeks offering support for the cameras of Nikon D850/Z7/Z6. There is focus support offered as an added electronic accessory.

The Moza Air 2 offers single grip and is an ideal companion offering compatibility, versatility, and reliability up to 9lbs capacity payload with a strong battery time of 16-hours, intelligent operations, 8 Follow Modes, Smart time-lapse, compact design, and ecosystem of Moza including iFocus.

Features of Moza Air 2
Maximum payload of 4.2 kg
Powerful torque motors
Upgraded smart-time lapse
Replaceable 4 Li-on high-rate batteries
Custom parameters & OLED display
Good camera support
Suitable for Sony alpha series, Canon DSLRs, Panasonic GH5 and GH5S
8 follow modes and 4-Axis

Added value

MOZA Air 2 adds value to your shots by offering smooth footage as the potential of capturing video. The MOZA Air 2 presents a combo to make it the right choice with Nikon D3 500 for an awesome wedding or event package.

MOZA Air 2 offers the advantage of being available at affordable prices. It is also a good choice for travel videos as a portable solution offering a polished look. The tilt, pan features in this gimbal MOZA Air 2 they require accuracy and smoothness of dollies and studio rigs of high-end.

Compatible accessories

Fortunately, the micro-Type- C adapter and Type- C interface cable helps the Nikon users to enjoy with MOZA Air 2 gimbal as it starts and stops the recording using the gimbal. The other features in this gimbal are available with the firmware updates.

It is compatible with the professional accessories with the MOZA ecosystem and they include:
Camera cage
Follow focus system
Camera backpack
MoZA thumb controller

Mounting the MOZA Air 2 is enough to set you to go and create films from unimaginable angles, create sweeping shots, and track tough subjects. The articulating arm of MOZA Air 2 is a convenient attachment.

Surprises are bestowed by MOZA Air 2 and it is for people ready to explore stellar performance using Nikon D3 500. The smooth visual composition is assured and the video shooting features of the camera make an ideal combination offering a professional-grade trip.

Wrapping Up
The most challenging aspects of filming lie in holding the camera steady especially while moving. This is a great feel and it is fulfilled now by Moza Air 2 gimbal assuring capturing an unimaginable picture without any shaky effects.