A Quick And Easy Godox TT350S Review!

We have decided to publish our quick and easy Godox TT350S review to try and share our opinion on this entry-level camera flash that has been taking the Sony camera owner by storm. Although it is designed as more of an entry-level camera flash we have seen multiple reports from experiences photographers confirming that they have also picked the TT350S up due to its excellent performance and very low price tag.

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The small size, lightweight, and solid build quality of the Godox TT350S also makes it ideal to throw in your photography kit bag along with the rest of your camera accessories and hit the road. If you work in a photography niche where you are required to travel between multiple locations then this could be the perfect flash unit for you.

The Godox TT350S is a very popular flash unit and if the last year or so is anything to go by it is only going to keep increasing in popularity. A number of photographers who have picked the TT350S up to use with their Sony camera have also posted their own reviews of the flash unit online too. The video below is one of these independent, external reviews of the flash unit that we feel are definatley worth watching.

We have seen a bunch of people asking about the heating issues that some of the older generations of Godox flash have been known to have. Thankfully, the TT350S has a brand new heat dissipation system that was actually pretty revolutionary for when it was initially released.

This helps to minimize the chance of your camera flash overheating and locking up when in use during a gig. If you have paying clients or are doing some on spec photography work to try and sell your photographs afterward, there is nothing worse that having your flash unit lock up on you and stop you dead in your tracks.

In addition to the built-in anti-overheating technology, there are also a number of tips you can implement to improve your flash photography performance too. Some of these can also help to stop your flash unit from overheating during use. For example, be careful how many photographs you capture with your TT350S set to 0.1 seconds recycle time as this will quickly cause the unit to overheat.

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The TT350S flash unit is also fully compatible with all modern wireless protocols too. This includes 2.4G that allows you to use it with all popular and modern wireless flash triggers as well as some of the popular smartphone apps.

If you use a multi-flash photography rig then this can be a godsend, especially at this price point in the market due to some of the competing flash units at this price point not offering any wireless connectivity at all.

If you are in the market for a cheap entry level flash unit for your Sony camera then we would definitely recommend that you check out the TT350S. It has such a good reputation within the community for a reason and we feel that will make a great little addition to your collection of camera accessories and serve you well.