A Short And Sweet Akaso V50 Review!

There are an absolute ton of Akaso V50 reviews online now like the one embedded above from YouTube and this one so we thought that we would publish our own to try and help Akaso keep their exponential growth rate up! If you have been involved in the action cam scene for the last few years then chances are that you have heard of the Akaso action cam brand.

They came to market a few years back now with one simple goal in mind…..produce the absolute best action camera possible with the lowest possible price tag. Thankfully, with a little bit of luck, every single generation of action cam that Akaso has released has dominated the entry-level action cam niche with their new flagship, the V50 rivaling the performance of action cameras well above its price tag.



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If you have ever used an Akaso action camera or seen any example footage recorded on one then their signature thing is outstanding image stabilization built right into the camera body without having to hike the price up. Each subsequent generation of action cam after the EK7000 has developed on their excellent image stabilization technology and their latest version in the V50 rivals that of the latest GoPros while the V50 is a fraction of their price.

With their Akaso V50 though, they have became well known for another unheard of feat in the entry-level action camera niche. Becoming the first brand to be able to provide a cheap camera with full 4K video performance with a sixty frames per second frame rate. Although the Akaso reputation within the action sport community has been growing year on year, we feel that this alone is one of the main reasons the V50 has a massive user base of people.

It lets you record your action sports in the best possible quality in a frame rate that is also nice and smooth and won’t be causing you issues with jumping footage if you are moving at a quick pace. That said, if you are doing something very fast paced like sky diving then you may want to switch the video mode over to the 1080P at 120 frames per second for best performance.


We also want to go over the photography capabilities of the V50 as it is a great little point and shoot camera too. The sensor in the camera body is rated as 20MP and it has excellent color capture too. In addition to this, it also has some of the best low light performance of any entry-level action cam that we have ever seen.

The adjustable wide-angle views on the camera are also excellent as if you are a snowboarder for example and you are up a mountain looking down an excellent view, you can capture it in excellent quality. If the standard field of view is not enough for you then you can quickly and easily switch to a wider field of view to do a better job.

We feel that the Akaso V50 has a bright future ahead of it and are looking forward to seeing what Akaso pull out of the bag for their next generation of cameras! All in all, the V50 is definatley worth picking up and adding to your collection of camera accessories for your extreme sport of choice.