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Is The Ford Fiesta The Best Budget Car?

So many people out there are starting to feel the pinch of the economic downturn and more and more people are realizing that they are running an expensive car and are looking to downsize. Although there are a number of different popular budget cars on the market,  we still feel that the undisputed king is without a doubt the good old trusty Ford Fiesta.

Thanks to the car market becoming more and more competitive over the last few years, car companies have been forced to do everything in their power to edge ahead of the other brands. Due to this, the Ford Fiesta can actually come with an excellent interface as well as some nice accessories and gadgets as shown in the image below.


In our opinion, the Fiesta ticks all three of the key features that you want in a budget friendly car. It is cheap to purchase, cheap to insure, and cheap to run. In addition to this, it is so popular that parts are readily available so if you do end up having a problem with the car, it is also cheap and quick to repair.

Although the argument about petrol based cars vs diesel based cars rages on, both actually have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are wanting to use your car for. If you are planning on city driving only then petrol is probably going to be cheaper as stop-start driving can be costly in a diesel. On the flip side of that though, if you are planning to be on a motorway a whole bunch then we would recommend that you opt for the diesel as it will be much more economical for long haul constant speed journeys.

If you would like some additional options for your budget car of choice, you can check out the video below that goes into detail on a number of different car brands as well as what they offer.

A Quick And Easy Godox TT350S Review!

We have decided to publish our quick and easy Godox TT350S review to try and share our opinion on this entry-level camera flash that has been taking the Sony camera owner by storm. Although it is designed as more of an entry-level camera flash we have seen multiple reports from experiences photographers confirming that they have also picked the TT350S up due to its excellent performance and very low price tag.

I'll Be Yours - Steffi Carter

The small size, lightweight, and solid build quality of the Godox TT350S also makes it ideal to throw in your photography kit bag along with the rest of your camera accessories and hit the road. If you work in a photography niche where you are required to travel between multiple locations then this could be the perfect flash unit for you.

The Godox TT350S is a very popular flash unit and if the last year or so is anything to go by it is only going to keep increasing in popularity. A number of photographers who have picked the TT350S up to use with their Sony camera have also posted their own reviews of the flash unit online too. The video below is one of these independent, external reviews of the flash unit that we feel are definatley worth watching.

We have seen a bunch of people asking about the heating issues that some of the older generations of Godox flash have been known to have. Thankfully, the TT350S has a brand new heat dissipation system that was actually pretty revolutionary for when it was initially released.

This helps to minimize the chance of your camera flash overheating and locking up when in use during a gig. If you have paying clients or are doing some on spec photography work to try and sell your photographs afterward, there is nothing worse that having your flash unit lock up on you and stop you dead in your tracks.

In addition to the built-in anti-overheating technology, there are also a number of tips you can implement to improve your flash photography performance too. Some of these can also help to stop your flash unit from overheating during use. For example, be careful how many photographs you capture with your TT350S set to 0.1 seconds recycle time as this will quickly cause the unit to overheat.

Fashion Night Portrait with Mariya and Italo
The TT350S flash unit is also fully compatible with all modern wireless protocols too. This includes 2.4G that allows you to use it with all popular and modern wireless flash triggers as well as some of the popular smartphone apps.

If you use a multi-flash photography rig then this can be a godsend, especially at this price point in the market due to some of the competing flash units at this price point not offering any wireless connectivity at all.

If you are in the market for a cheap entry level flash unit for your Sony camera then we would definitely recommend that you check out the TT350S. It has such a good reputation within the community for a reason and we feel that will make a great little addition to your collection of camera accessories and serve you well.

The Best Substrate For Corn Snakes!

So we have decided to publish a quick and short article going over what we feel is the best substrate for corn snakes currently available on the market right now. We know that different types of animals require slightly different types of substrate to lead a happy and healthy life and with so much misinformation out there right now, we hope our article can help.

The main problem with substrates when it comes to corn snakes is the dust dispersion that can often end up causing issues with your snake’s respiratory system. Thankfully, these are often easy to fix and most of the time, simply switching to a dust free substrate solution will treat the condition in as little as five days.

This is why we feel that the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding substrate should be top of your list when it comes to picking up a cheap, easy to use substrate for your pet corn snake. It is as close to one hundred percent dust free as you can realistically get ensuring that the above issues do not occur in your pet snake.

Corn Snake - P. guttatus
If you are worried about any potential issues with your pet corn snake then you can simply check one of the many care sheets that are available online for your pet to quickly go over some key issues and how best to avoid them. If you are new to taking care of a corn snake then this will help to get you up to speed with common issues quickly without having to waste any of your time.

We would also like to point out that Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is one hundred percent sustainably farmed. This offers the eco-friendly snake owners a guilt-free conscience as they are using a substrate for their snake that causes minimal damage to the environment and eco system.

Corn Snake

Now, back onto actual snake care and how using Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding as your go-to substrate of choice can make your life easier. If you have owned your snake for any large amount of time then you are probably aware that it is going to need regular cleaning and maintenance to help ensure your snake as the best quality of life possible.

Aspen snake bedding is up there with cypress mulch when it comes to how easy it is to clean and maintain. It literally takes a few seconds of your time and you can keep your snake’s vivarium clean. As we all lead busy lives these days this is a total godsend and we feel that using a substrate that is quick and easy to clean is absolutely essential.

Finally, we would like to quickly go over the cost of the aspen snake bedding. Thankfully, it is very budget friendly, especially when you factor in how long it will last you as well as its excellent performance record. All of this is why we feel it is the best substrate solution on the market right now and has the well deserved top spot that we cant see it losing any time soon.

Tips on Using the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking!

Throwing a gimbal and camera while enjoying your mountain biking sport can get your experience more exciting and enjoyable. The gimbal along with your camera can shoot and capture all the exciting shots and breathtaking view of the mountainside. With gimbals and cameras, you will get to capture all the entire cinematic footage plus the amazing shots you can encounter along the road.

Upon reading the entire article, you will learn the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking. This will also help familiarize the guidelines on choosing the best gimbal for your mountain biking sports.

Choosing the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking

Given the fact that the advancement of technology plays a huge role in this society, so as the numerous invention of different gimbals for mountain biking.

Given the fact that the advancement of technology plays a huge role in this society, so as the numerous invention of different gimbals for mountain biking. Choosing the best gimbal for mountain biking might be a little tricky because of its wide variety on the market. But one thing is for sure, you need a gimbal and camera that has long battery life. Furthermore, you need a gimbal and a camera that can be easily mounted in any part of your mountain bike and lastly, you need one which can produce a high-resolution outcome. 


Tips & Tricks About Using the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking

Now that you already know how to choose the best gimbal, now’s the time to learn the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking.

  • Using different mounts to capture in different perspectives.
  • Mount your gimbal and camera upside down if you’ll use the chest mount
  • Do not go mountain biking alone, go with your friend.
  • Keep your camera filming on your entire mountain biking.
  • Use the best gimbal as your stabilizer so that your biking footage will look smooth & stable.
  • Try to capture a few aerial shots.
  • Bring with you always the duct tapes and zip ties with you.
  • Use the smart remote setting of your camera because it is great for filming.
  • Make use of a housing that is waterproof so it will protect your gimbal and camera as well.
  • Balancing your gimbal is the most essential thing to do.

Mountain Bike Cross Country

Final Few Words

Having to purchase the best gimbal in the market today is great but you also need to follow the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking. That said, you will be able to use your gimbal professionally and in the right way. This will also help you learn the other possible ways to capture different techniques.

If you plan to purchase a new gimbal, do not get overwhelmed by the numerous type of it, make sure to know the things and features it can provide and consider its price. Remember, not all expensive gimbals do have high-quality features to provide. Be wise in every option you will pick on.

Vivitar DVR917HD Review – Possibly The Worse Action Camera Ever Made?

Welcome to our Vivitar dvr917hd review and if the title hasn’t given it away, let us be clear…..we feel that the dvr917hd is without a doubt one of, if not the worse action camera ever made to date. Vivitar has pretty much blown every aspect of the camera making it essentially unusable and its poor image and video capturing render it essentially useless.

On top of this, the audio quality is poor at best and although we did not experience this particular fault ourselves, there are a large number of reports from people who own the dvr917hd reporting that the audio simply does not record at all.

Although we can definatley see that Vivitar has initially had good intentions with the hope of producing a solid little action camera that can fill the entry-level action cam niche, they have most definatley underestimated the competition who have both undercut them price wise while also outperforming them.

If you are new to action cameras then we would highly recommend that you read this post going over the basics. After that, we would highly suggest you research the Asako and Campack entry-level action camera ranges.

Both of the brands have suitable cameras at the same price point as the Vivitar DVR917HD but they outperform them without even trying. Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to get yourself a bargain and get them at a discount. For example, Black Friday and early January seem to be popular times for sales on action cameras.

Things You Ought to Think About When Buying the Best Gimbal for a Canon G7 Camera!

If you want to get to know what kind of gimbal would be the best gimbal for Canon G7 Camera, you have to figure out a few things first.  This article will gives you ideas as to what those things are and how they can apply to choosing the best gimbal for your camera right away.

Jaki gimbal do GoPro kupić? Czy to opłacalny zakup?

The Camera Type

First, you have to figure out the type of camera that you are going to use.  There are many G7 camera types for you to choose from.  The design, and the overall quality of the camera will determine the kind of stand or gimbal ought to be used for the product in the future.

What Can You Afford?

Secondly, you have to figure out what you can afford.  Budget is one of the most important things that you need to think about when buying accessories for your camera.  Seeking the best gimbal for Canon G7 Camera is no different.

You have to look for the best, but still consider your resources.  Do not go beyond your means.

One recommendation that we can make is the one from Zhiyun.  It has a three axis rotation which will allow you to get all the camera angles without difficulty.  In addition to this, the gimbal is also extremely lightweight so you would not have problems with transportation.

It is also easy to assemble so you don’t have to worry about storage at all.  You can disassemble it every after use and then put it out of storage whenever you need to.

The Material

Aside from those mentioned, you need to have the gimbal that will be able to withstand all the pressures of hours of photography.  This is why the product that you are going to choose ought to have strong and sturdy materials in them.

They should not easily break down under pressure.  In case the deal, it is important that you are able to contact the manufacturer right away to get it repaired without delay.  Fortunately, most G7 stabilizers of there have extended warranties.  So you won’t have to worry about not being able to pay Ford that repairs if and when necessary.

Additional Reminders

It is also important to ask for recommendations from friends and family members regarding the gimbal that you are going to buy.  This way, you will be able to make an informed choice regarding what you need vs. what you want in a gimbal.

Once you are able to fit all these things into your list, you will certainly find it easier to make a decision regarding which of the products to buy.  Just think about the available options in the market right now.  By doing that, you will be able to put things into perspective and make a sound investment decision right away.

Buying this Gimbal is not a small decision. You need to make a lot of research before selecting the one best for you.

One Of The Best Gimbals For Sony RX100 Users Available Right Now!

After seeing so many people asking about what the best gimbal for Sony RX100 cameras on the market right now is, we decided to take the time out to publish this article to help any of our readers who use the RX100 and are looking to pick up a gimbal system for their camera rig. Now, as the Sony RX100 comes in at only 0.53 pounds it will work with almost any modern gimbal system without issue.

Due to the camera being so lightweight and small, we see no reason to shell out money that you don’t need to on a high load capacity gimbal system when a smaller, cheaper gimbal will do. This is why we feel that the Zhiyun Crane M with its 1.43 pound load capacity is more than enough for your 0.53 pound Sony RX100.

The Zhiyun Crane M has an excellent reputation within the community and is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Due to the popularity of smaller mirrorless cameras like the Sony RX100 and the Canon G7X, the Zhiyun Crane Ms market share just keeps on increasing more and more as time goes on.

The video below was recorded using a Zhiyun Crane M to provide image stabilisation and we feel that it shows just how smooth the footage can be from this small and light weight gimbal system.

Being based around the 3-axis gimbal design and its small size and light weight makes it ideal for anyone who wants to use their gimbal for travel videography or travel vlogging too. You can easily add it to your luggage when traveling without having to worry about going over your luggage allowance too.

zhiyun tech crane plus

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Zhiyun Crane M is able to support up to a maximum of 1.43 pounds of payload without issue. This means that you can also add a few accessories to your Sony RX100 and still use the gimbal without issue. The listed battery life of the Crane M is around twelve hours but you can probably get a fair bit more than this out of it when using such a light weight camera with it.

The control system for the gimbal is modern and very easy to use requiring minimal effort on your part. You can literally control the pivot, axes, pitch, and azimuth of the gimbal with just your thumb on the directional pad. Additionally, you can also download the Zhiyun smartphone app to your iPhone or android device and connect and control it wirelessly if required.

If you are into your vlogging then this really is the perfect handheld gimbal system for you in our opinion and is well worth the money. Its build quality is excellent and its performance is flawless. At the time of writing, it comes with the most up to date Zhiyun gyroscopes and stabilisation motors offering the absolute best possible image stabilisation for your RX100 or mobile phone when in use.

The Ultimate Akaso EK7000 Review!

After having a decent amount of time to play around with the Akaso EK7000 we have decided to publish an actual dedicated Akaso EK7000 review of the camera to share our opinions on it and why we think that it is the best cheap entry level action camera available on the market at the time of writing. Depending on the GoPro variant you get, the EK7000 can actually be one fifth of its price while providing similar video quality depending on what you are trying to do with your action camera.


Goondiwindi 400

This has resulted in a large number of people picking up the EK7000 to use it as their action camera of choice without having to spend a ton of money on something that is rarely used. The excellent performance of the EK7000 has resulted in a large number of owners posting their own independent reviews of the camera online to show how happy they are with it.

This has led to further sales of the camera with Akaso taking even more of the market share away from their competing brands. In turn, more of these people post their own independent reviews that intern lead to even more people purchasing the camera and with this process repeating over and over again, it has led to the exponential growth that the camera has seen.

Before going any further we would like to quickly share our favourite video that has been recorded using the Akaso EK7000. You can see the image quality that the camera is able to provide for you and that the EK7000 is also able to provide you with some solid audio quality too.

Now, make no mistake about it, the footage in the video above is from the Akaso EK7000 and you can expect much better quality from their more modern camera units like the Akaso Brave 4  as it has newer, more modern technology on it but this in turn comes with a higher price tag.

Back to the Akaso EK7000 and its features. At the time of its release, it was one of the first cameras in the entry level action cam niche to offer full 4k video recording capabilities allowing you to capture your adventures in beautiful and crisp quality. That said though, the 25 frames per second that the camera provides is pretty limiting and it will result in jumpy footage for any high speed sports.

If you are looking to use the EK7000 in a face paced sport where a slow frame rate will struggle to keep up then we would definitely recommend that you switch it over to its 1080p setting for these moments. Knock the frame rate up to 60 frames per second in 1080p HD for your faced paced moments and you will get some beautifully smooth video.

The navigation menu on the EK7000 is very each to use and the 2 inch touchscreen allows you to quickly and easily switch between 4K and 1080P so you don’t have to waste time while out and about recording your videos. At the end of the day, the Akaso EK7000 really is an excellent little entry level action camera that is well worth the money and will make a great addition to your camera collction.

Akaso Brave 4 Review!

Today we are going to be covering our Akaso Brave 4 Review that we have been meaning to get around to posting for a fair few month now but simply have never had the spare time. Thankfully though, due to a few plans changing over the last weekend we ended up with two days spare and decided to take the Akaso Brave 4 out for a spin to see exactly what it is able to do when put through its paces.

It doesn’t take long to see why it has proven to be such a popular entry level action camera at all an in our opinion, it is only going to become more and more popular as time goes on. It has a very low price tag considering the performance and robustness it provides making it the obvious choice of the entry level cameras on the market right now. This has resulted in its reputation growing at an exponential rate within the extreme sports community with more and more people picking the camera up and using it as their go to camera of choice.

Here are some of the key features the Akaso Brave 4 boasts helping to push it ahead of the other cheap GoPro alternative action cameras on the market:-

  • Video resolutions including 4K/24fps, 2K/30fps, and 1080P/60FPS.
  • A maximum photograph resolution of 20MP.
  • Some of the best image stabilisation on the market at this price point.
  • Wi-Fi compatability.
  • Wide angle photography angles that support 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° degree view points.
  • Fully waterproof to 100 feet when in its case.
  • 2 inch colour screen.
  • Excellent battery life via its included 1050mAh battery.

All of this comes together to let you capture your adventures no matter where you are with excellent quality. This lets you upload your video footage to your YouTube account when you get home to show all of your friends your adventures. We have an example video below that was recorded using the Akaso Brave 4.

As you can see, Akaso have came a long way over the years with their cameras coming on leaps and bounds when compared to their Akaso ek7000 that was one of their earlier cameras. A number of competing entry level action camera brands have also released their second or third version cameras to try and compete with the Akaso Brave 4 but we feel that only the Campark Act74  comes close in our opinion.

A common fault with the more budget friendly action cameras out there right now is that they simply do not have the robustness needed to help keep you going through the more extreme sports where you action cam is likely to end up taking punishment. Thankfully, Akaso have designed the Brave 4 to be as robust as humanly possible to remove this issue.

History of Extreme Sports

This has resulted in one of, if not the most well rounded entry level action camera available on the market today and it is no secret that we love it. Everything just works and is a testament to how much development Akaso have put into their action cam range to help them keep their dominance within the niche.

The Top Five Major Points to Remember When Buying the Best Gimbal For Canon G7 X!

When purchasing your very own gimbal for your Canon G7 X, it is important that you are able to keep in mind some major pointers before making a decision regarding which gimbal to buy and use for your photography sessions.  Here are some of those pointers as follows:

The best gimbal for Canon G7 X should have the following:

Comfort of Usage

You should not have difficulty utilizing this particular accessory for your own photography sessions in the future.  It should be made of lightweight material that could be easy to transport and store during travel.


This is another important concept that you should be thinking about when trying to decide which one of the available stands you should purchase for your own camera in the future.  It should always would stand the test of time when it comes to longevity and strength.

This is because of being on the go means having to move around on a regular basis.  If your stand is made of materials that are not strong enough to handle the pressure, it might easily break down and get damaged.

If this happens, you will end up spending more on repairs than you really ought to.


You should also consider the price of the products that you’re going to buy.  There are many affordable gambles that you can use for your Canon G7 X camera as well as your additional photography equipment.

One example of this would be the handheld gimbal stabilizer from Zhi Yun.  This one definitely will be compatible with all other camera brands out there.  It wouldn’t matter if it’s digital or DLSR.  You will certainly not have to spend too much with this particular camera stabilizer at hand.

This is why we had the recommend this particular product for your collection.

The Customer Reviews

Another thing that you need to remember before buying the best gimbal for canon G7 X is the customer reviews.  You have to think about a customer feedback regarding the product and the quality that it has.

Which one among the available stabilizers that you are trying to consider purchasing has the best and most favorable reviews going for it?  Once you are able to find the products with the best reviews, then then you can easily break down the pros and cons of each product and make a decision as soon as possible.

Nebula 5100 - Gimbal

The Manufacturing Company

It would also help you to consult the manufacturing company itself.  Do some background checks regarding any similar products that they have sold in the market already.  Which one of these products come highly recommended by others?

Final Words

Once you are able to find these similar products, you can make an informed decision regarding the best Gimbal for Canon G7 X.  You will then not regret your decision regarding making the purchase whatever it may be in the future.

What are you waiting for?  Go ahead and do some digging!  You will not regret your decision to do so.