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Is The If It Fits Your Macros Diet Worth It?

Today we will be taking a look at a diet that is steadily increasing in popularity as more and more people hear about it, the If It Fits Your Macros diet or “IFITYM”. The idea behind the diet is that you are able to eat any food that you wish provided that the total calorie count and macronutrient breakdown fits within your plan.

For example, you can get your carbs from something that is considered healthy like a sweet potato or from something considered unhealthy like cereal. IFITYM is one of the diets that definatley has people split down the middle on if it is worth it or not though as if you fill your calories with nothing but junk food then you can have problems.

For example, junk food is usually smaller in volume and can often lead to hunger pains if it is all you eat. In addition to this, it is also often low in vitamins and minerals leading to a deficiency or the need to supplement with a decent multivitamin.

Mediterranean Diet
On the flipside of this though, the diet does have a number of die-hard people who live by it but we would like to point out that this is often down to lifestyle. For example, the IFITYM diet is popular with powerlifters who train a whole bunch but don’t really care about looks and will often look over weight even if they eat healthy. This is due to the sheer number of calories that they eat to increase their strength to such high levels.

Due to this, many powerlifters choose to use the IFITYM diet as it allows them to eat more enjoyable foods while still getting all of the macro requirements for their sport of choice. In addition to this, due to a powerlifter often eating so much anyway, they will rarely get hunger pains either and chances are, they would be supplementing with a multivitamin anyway.

So this pretty much rounds off our short article on the IFITYM and at the end of the day it comes down to you, your lifestyle, and your own personal goals. If you are wanting something for weight loss then we would recommend that you check out the ketogenic diet as it has an excellent track record and a great reputation.

Why Has Nandos Taken The United Kingdom By Storm?



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If you are from the United Kingdom or follow any YouTube or social media personalities from the United Kingdom online then you will probably hear of Nandos, or more specifically “a cheeky Nandos”. It started its exponential growth rate around a decade back now and has only gone from strength to strength over the years and really shows no signs of slowing down.

In this article, we just want to quickly take a look at the main reasons that we feel Nandos have managed to be so popular.

The most important part of running any successful restaurant is to have the absolute best food possible. Thankfully, Nandos has some of the best food going on the market right now but on the flip side of this, you do pay a premium price for it. The majority of people who do enjoy going to Nandos though enjoy the food so much that they are definatley willing to pay the premium price though.

Another thing that Nandos have managed to smash out the park with their food are their spices. You can customize your food to get it just to your taste while also allowing you to tweak the overall flavor as you please. The spices start with their Lemon and Herb sauce and go all the way up to their new Vusa that is extremely hot.



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Another thing that Nandos managed to capitalize on very early on is their social media campaigns. They have done an excellent job of building their accounts up to have massive followings and then used this to promote their food as well as all of the new meals that they add to their menu.

As you would expect from any popular restaurant chain, Nandos has its Nandinos menu that is specifically designed for children. This allows parents to take their children to Nandos and get the whole family involved. As these children grow up, it is highly likely that they will be life long customers of the Nandos franchise earning Nandos a ton of money in the long run.

There is also the whole cultural banter thing of “a cheeky Nandos“. This has become a commonly known part of British culture between the 18-35-year-old demographic with groups of people asking if they want to head off for “a cheeky Nandos”. Although we don’t know if this was created by Nandos themselves, it definatley hasn’t harmed their brand.



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The final thing that we feel that Nandos has done really well is the Nandos Black Card. This has let Nandos give this card out to various celebrities to get them eating in Nandos on a regular basis as well as allowing them to take up to five friends all to eat free.

This has their regular customers brushing shoulders with some very highly rated celebrities with some popular rappers even going on to brag about how they have a Nandos black card in their songs.

My White Chocolate Twix Review!

Over the last few month, a number of popular chocolate bars have been re-released with a white chocolate twist. Today we are going to be going over our review of the White Chocolate Twix that has been available for about three months now and is by far our favorite chocolate bar at the minute.

As you would expect from a Twix, the treat is a biscuit layer with a toffee layer on top of it all wrapping in a delicious chocolate coating. The white chocolate Twix is also the exact same price as a regular Twix where some limited edition treats can actually retail at a higher price point.

Mmm... White Chocolate

Although you can eat this chocolate bar as you would with any other, there is a little trick you can do with a Twix to take them that extra step. It is without a doubt our favorite way to eat a Twix so we thought that we would share it with our readers.

Simply make a cup of your favorite hot drink be it Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Then bite the end of each end of your Twix and essentially use it as a straw. You dip one end into your hot drink and suck through the other end until your drink reaches your mouth and you know it has made its way through the whole Twix.

As the hot drink is now soaked through your Twix stick it will soften the biscuit layer and start to melt the chocolate and toffee layers together. Although we have no idea why this happens, we feel that it makes the Twix taste better and only takes a couple of seconds to do. The video below gives an actual demonstration of how best to do this for those who may not understand what we mean.

All in all, we are massive fans of the White Chocolate Twix and really do hope that the Mars company add it to their permanent line up rather than just have it as a limited edition chocolate bar!

Tips on Using the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking!

Throwing a gimbal and camera while enjoying your mountain biking sport can get your experience more exciting and enjoyable. The gimbal along with your camera can shoot and capture all the exciting shots and breathtaking view of the mountainside. With gimbals and cameras, you will get to capture all the entire cinematic footage plus the amazing shots you can encounter along the road.

Upon reading the entire article, you will learn the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking. This will also help familiarize the guidelines on choosing the best gimbal for your mountain biking sports.

Choosing the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking

Given the fact that the advancement of technology plays a huge role in this society, so as the numerous invention of different gimbals for mountain biking.

Given the fact that the advancement of technology plays a huge role in this society, so as the numerous invention of different gimbals for mountain biking. Choosing the best gimbal for mountain biking might be a little tricky because of its wide variety on the market. But one thing is for sure, you need a gimbal and camera that has long battery life. Furthermore, you need a gimbal and a camera that can be easily mounted in any part of your mountain bike and lastly, you need one which can produce a high-resolution outcome. 


Tips & Tricks About Using the Best Gimbal for Mountain Biking

Now that you already know how to choose the best gimbal, now’s the time to learn the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking.

  • Using different mounts to capture in different perspectives.
  • Mount your gimbal and camera upside down if you’ll use the chest mount
  • Do not go mountain biking alone, go with your friend.
  • Keep your camera filming on your entire mountain biking.
  • Use the best gimbal as your stabilizer so that your biking footage will look smooth & stable.
  • Try to capture a few aerial shots.
  • Bring with you always the duct tapes and zip ties with you.
  • Use the smart remote setting of your camera because it is great for filming.
  • Make use of a housing that is waterproof so it will protect your gimbal and camera as well.
  • Balancing your gimbal is the most essential thing to do.

Mountain Bike Cross Country

Final Few Words

Having to purchase the best gimbal in the market today is great but you also need to follow the tips on using the best gimbal for mountain biking. That said, you will be able to use your gimbal professionally and in the right way. This will also help you learn the other possible ways to capture different techniques.

If you plan to purchase a new gimbal, do not get overwhelmed by the numerous type of it, make sure to know the things and features it can provide and consider its price. Remember, not all expensive gimbals do have high-quality features to provide. Be wise in every option you will pick on.