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The Best Substrate For Corn Snakes!

So we have decided to publish a quick and short article going over what we feel is the best substrate for corn snakes currently available on the market right now. We know that different types of animals require slightly different types of substrate to lead a happy and healthy life and with so much misinformation out there right now, we hope our article can help.

The main problem with substrates when it comes to corn snakes is the dust dispersion that can often end up causing issues with your snake’s respiratory system. Thankfully, these are often easy to fix and most of the time, simply switching to a dust free substrate solution will treat the condition in as little as five days.

This is why we feel that the Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding substrate should be top of your list when it comes to picking up a cheap, easy to use substrate for your pet corn snake. It is as close to one hundred percent dust free as you can realistically get ensuring that the above issues do not occur in your pet snake.

Corn Snake - P. guttatus
If you are worried about any potential issues with your pet corn snake then you can simply check one of the many care sheets that are available online for your pet to quickly go over some key issues and how best to avoid them. If you are new to taking care of a corn snake then this will help to get you up to speed with common issues quickly without having to waste any of your time.

We would also like to point out that Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding is one hundred percent sustainably farmed. This offers the eco-friendly snake owners a guilt-free conscience as they are using a substrate for their snake that causes minimal damage to the environment and eco system.

Corn Snake

Now, back onto actual snake care and how using Zoo Med Aspen Snake Bedding as your go-to substrate of choice can make your life easier. If you have owned your snake for any large amount of time then you are probably aware that it is going to need regular cleaning and maintenance to help ensure your snake as the best quality of life possible.

Aspen snake bedding is up there with cypress mulch when it comes to how easy it is to clean and maintain. It literally takes a few seconds of your time and you can keep your snake’s vivarium clean. As we all lead busy lives these days this is a total godsend and we feel that using a substrate that is quick and easy to clean is absolutely essential.

Finally, we would like to quickly go over the cost of the aspen snake bedding. Thankfully, it is very budget friendly, especially when you factor in how long it will last you as well as its excellent performance record. All of this is why we feel it is the best substrate solution on the market right now and has the well deserved top spot that we cant see it losing any time soon.