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Our Captain Marvel Movie Review!

Captain Marvel (2019)_s2
After all the hype about the recent Captian Marvel movie, we thought that we would check it out and share our opinion of it with our readers. Although we were optimistic and hoping that the majority of the critics were wrong, we feel that they were actually correct and that Marvel missed so much of the potential for this movie and in all honesty, we would not recommend it.

Although it does have a hand full of funny and/or exciting parts, the majority of the movie is essentially boring and slow paced. We feel that Brie Larson did not perform well in the movie at all and feel that someone such as Katee Sackhoff would have been a much better fit for the role.

She has the whole solo female hero vibe perfected after her amazing performance as Starbuck on the Battlestar Galactica remake series and feel she would have been an amazing Captian Marvel.

As you would expect from a Marvel movie, the CGI scenes were amazing and definatley up to expectations. Samual L Jackson also offered an excellent performance as a young Nick Fury too with some cracking jokes and was the main source of humor for the whole movie.

We feel that young children and die hard Marvel fans will enjoy the movie but for the mid to late teens and onwards crowd, we feel you will end up getting bored half way through the movie. So lets just hope that Avengers Endgame smashes it out the park to help Marvel redeem themselves.

We have decided to share the independent movie review of the film below from a professional movie reviewer as we feel that their perspective may help many of our readers who are considering checking this movie out.