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Is The Ford Fiesta The Best Budget Car?

So many people out there are starting to feel the pinch of the economic downturn and more and more people are realizing that they are running an expensive car and are looking to downsize. Although there are a number of different popular budget cars on the market,  we still feel that the undisputed king is without a doubt the good old trusty Ford Fiesta.

Thanks to the car market becoming more and more competitive over the last few years, car companies have been forced to do everything in their power to edge ahead of the other brands. Due to this, the Ford Fiesta can actually come with an excellent interface as well as some nice accessories and gadgets as shown in the image below.


In our opinion, the Fiesta ticks all three of the key features that you want in a budget friendly car. It is cheap to purchase, cheap to insure, and cheap to run. In addition to this, it is so popular that parts are readily available so if you do end up having a problem with the car, it is also cheap and quick to repair.

Although the argument about petrol based cars vs diesel based cars rages on, both actually have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are wanting to use your car for. If you are planning on city driving only then petrol is probably going to be cheaper as stop-start driving can be costly in a diesel. On the flip side of that though, if you are planning to be on a motorway a whole bunch then we would recommend that you opt for the diesel as it will be much more economical for long haul constant speed journeys.

If you would like some additional options for your budget car of choice, you can check out the video below that goes into detail on a number of different car brands as well as what they offer.