Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Gimbal for Canon 80D Cameras!

A gimbal is not like any other Camera Stabilizer. There are various questions that should be answered. If you don’t have experience with a gimbal, the following answer will help you when choosing the best gimbal for Canon 80D.

What type of a gimbal to buy?

There are two types of gimbals and stabilizers. These are the electronic gimbals and other stabilizers. The electronic gimbals use motors to rotate your Canon 80d smoothly in any direction. They are easy to set up but use more power, and the motors wear out quickly. The light and can be used for long periods.

The other stabilizers take longer to set up, and they don’t have motors. They are relatively cheap when compared to electronic gimbals. As the electronic gimbal prices go down, these stabilizers are getting less popular. They are heavy and cannot be used for long periods.

Two or three-axis gimbal?

The axis gimbal is the number of directions that the gimbal will move. The 3-axis gimbals can move in all directions, that is tilt, pan, and roll. You can control manually the direction in which the gimbal moves. The gimbal will stabilize and make your footage better. The extra motors will reduce battery life and add more weight to your gimbal.

2-axis gimbal is light and relatively cheap as compared to the 3-axis gimbal. They only stabilize on the roll and pitch axis.


How much does a gimbal weigh?

If you are planning to shoot for a long time, choose a light gimbal. Heavy gimbals will make your arms tired after a short period.

When buying a gimbal, ensure that the gimbal has a maximum load capacity which is close to the weight of your canon camera. It should support the camera comfortably as you shoot.

How can the camera be attached to the gimbal?

The gimbals are designed for cameras or smartphones; it can be hard to attach a camera on a gimbal that is designed for a phone. For better compatibility, choose a gimbal that is ideal for your Canon 80D.

After attaching the camera, you can test to know if it well attached. If you fix it wrongly, it will not balance and more battery than a well-fixed gimbal. This is because the gimbals will do a lot of work balancing your canon camera. 

What is the best quality?

Some gimbals are made of ABS plastic. These types of gimbals may get damaged after some time or when it is not handled carefully. Other gimbals are made of aircraft-grade aluminum or nylon-reinforced plastic. They stronger than those made of ABS plastic and will last longer.

DJI Ronin-S 3-axis stabilizer

When looking for a quality gimbal, consider its battery life. It is important if you are planning to shoot for a long period.  Quality gimbals have long battery life. If you can get a gimbal that you can remove the batteries, then it will be more useful. You can easily swap the batteries when one set is used up. Remember that gimbals have different battery usage.