My White Chocolate Twix Review!

Over the last few month, a number of popular chocolate bars have been re-released with a white chocolate twist. Today we are going to be going over our review of the White Chocolate Twix that has been available for about three months now and is by far our favorite chocolate bar at the minute.

As you would expect from a Twix, the treat is a biscuit layer with a toffee layer on top of it all wrapping in a delicious chocolate coating. The white chocolate Twix is also the exact same price as a regular Twix where some limited edition treats can actually retail at a higher price point.

Mmm... White Chocolate

Although you can eat this chocolate bar as you would with any other, there is a little trick you can do with a Twix to take them that extra step. It is without a doubt our favorite way to eat a Twix so we thought that we would share it with our readers.

Simply make a cup of your favorite hot drink be it Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Then bite the end of each end of your Twix and essentially use it as a straw. You dip one end into your hot drink and suck through the other end until your drink reaches your mouth and you know it has made its way through the whole Twix.

As the hot drink is now soaked through your Twix stick it will soften the biscuit layer and start to melt the chocolate and toffee layers together. Although we have no idea why this happens, we feel that it makes the Twix taste better and only takes a couple of seconds to do. The video below gives an actual demonstration of how best to do this for those who may not understand what we mean.

All in all, we are massive fans of the White Chocolate Twix and really do hope that the Mars company add it to their permanent line up rather than just have it as a limited edition chocolate bar!