One Of The Best Gimbals For Sony RX100 Users Available Right Now!

After seeing so many people asking about what the best gimbal for Sony RX100 cameras on the market right now is, we decided to take the time out to publish this article to help any of our readers who use the RX100 and are looking to pick up a gimbal system for their camera rig. Now, as the Sony RX100 comes in at only 0.53 pounds it will work with almost any modern gimbal system without issue.

Due to the camera being so lightweight and small, we see no reason to shell out money that you don’t need to on a high load capacity gimbal system when a smaller, cheaper gimbal will do. This is why we feel that the Zhiyun Crane M with its 1.43 pound load capacity is more than enough for your 0.53 pound Sony RX100.

The Zhiyun Crane M has an excellent reputation within the community and is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. Due to the popularity of smaller mirrorless cameras like the Sony RX100 and the Canon G7X, the Zhiyun Crane Ms market share just keeps on increasing more and more as time goes on.

The video below was recorded using a Zhiyun Crane M to provide image stabilisation and we feel that it shows just how smooth the footage can be from this small and light weight gimbal system.

Being based around the 3-axis gimbal design and its small size and light weight makes it ideal for anyone who wants to use their gimbal for travel videography or travel vlogging too. You can easily add it to your luggage when traveling without having to worry about going over your luggage allowance too.

zhiyun tech crane plus

As we mentioned earlier in the article, the Zhiyun Crane M is able to support up to a maximum of 1.43 pounds of payload without issue. This means that you can also add a few accessories to your Sony RX100 and still use the gimbal without issue. The listed battery life of the Crane M is around twelve hours but you can probably get a fair bit more than this out of it when using such a light weight camera with it.

The control system for the gimbal is modern and very easy to use requiring minimal effort on your part. You can literally control the pivot, axes, pitch, and azimuth of the gimbal with just your thumb on the directional pad. Additionally, you can also download the Zhiyun smartphone app to your iPhone or android device and connect and control it wirelessly if required.

If you are into your vlogging then this really is the perfect handheld gimbal system for you in our opinion and is well worth the money. Its build quality is excellent and its performance is flawless. At the time of writing, it comes with the most up to date Zhiyun gyroscopes and stabilisation motors offering the absolute best possible image stabilisation for your RX100 or mobile phone when in use.