Vivitar DVR917HD Review – Possibly The Worse Action Camera Ever Made?

Welcome to our Vivitar dvr917hd review and if the title hasn’t given it away, let us be clear…..we feel that the dvr917hd is without a doubt one of, if not the worse action camera ever made to date. Vivitar has pretty much blown every aspect of the camera making it essentially unusable and its poor image and video capturing render it essentially useless.

On top of this, the audio quality is poor at best and although we did not experience this particular fault ourselves, there are a large number of reports from people who own the dvr917hd reporting that the audio simply does not record at all.

Although we can definatley see that Vivitar has initially had good intentions with the hope of producing a solid little action camera that can fill the entry-level action cam niche, they have most definatley underestimated the competition who have both undercut them price wise while also outperforming them.

If you are new to action cameras then we would highly recommend that you read this post going over the basics. After that, we would highly suggest you research the Asako and Campack entry-level action camera ranges.

Both of the brands have suitable cameras at the same price point as the Vivitar DVR917HD but they outperform them without even trying. Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to get yourself a bargain and get them at a discount. For example, Black Friday and early January seem to be popular times for sales on action cameras.